Here are some thoughts from patients that I treat.  You can hear what others have to say on the video page, along with a testimonial from a Doctor.

All testimonials are happy to provide contact information either by phone or email upon request.

Sally Roche
“I went to have the Bowen Treatment from Lucy quite recently. I was in extreme pain which seemed to be travelling around my body. The pain then settled in the middle of my back. I was literally in tears with pain, I found it difficult to do anything. After seeing Lucy she sorted me out straight away, the pain had gone the next day and I slept pain free after many nights of no sleep and intense pain. I think this is a miracle type of no medication therapy and can only sing Lucy’s praises. If you are in pain, then please try this treatment it really does work wonders!”
Richard – Golfer Solihull
“I was recommended to Lucy as I had been struggling with a shoulder injury for over two years. The injury had failed to be treated by physiotherapists and I was due to have surgery. Went to see Lucy as a last resort and after five weeks of treatment now have nearly full mobility in my shoulder and absolutely no pain.”
Lee Harris – Forest of Arden Golf Club
“I’ve had 2 spinal injections and chiropractic treatment for 4 years. After 3 Bowen sessions with Lucy, I no longer need to pop 2 Ibruprofen tablets on the 10th tee and can make a full backswing and follow through for the entire round and my back is free again! Highly recommended”
Shan Mei
” After years of suffering with lower back pain, Bowen was recommended to me and I have been treated by Lucy since 2013. Bowen has helped me in more ways than I first realised it would, seeing improvements with my asthma and allergies as well as realigning my body has truly been life changing as I rarely suffer with lower back pain anymore. I always leave my appointments feeling fully relaxed, Bowen is a very enjoyable experience I highly recommend Lucy to everyone”
Dr Green
“I injured my sacroiliac joint and after 8 weeks of physio and having just found out I was pregnant – my GP suggested I contact Lucy Poole and consider Bowen a Therapy. I was sceptical initially but as I could only take limited painkillers and Bowen was considered safe in pregnancy I managed to get an appointment quickly. After just one session the difference was noticeable. I was able to get in and out of my car and get up and down steps. Both of which had been difficult previously. The therapy itself was relaxing and painless and I enjoyed the whole experience. I had one follow up session and then had no further problems throughout my pregnancy and now have a healthy baby. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lucy and Bowen Therapy to anyone. In my role as an emergency department doctor I have recommended Bowen to patients with back problems and have also recommended it to other family members and colleagues”
I can only sing Lucy’s praises! After having a lumbar puncture done I was left with awful neck pain 2-4-7 along with dizziness and headaches. After going to osteopathy for 6 weeks with no improvement I found myself at my GP surgery. It was my GP who recommended me to Lucy after having some treatment on her neck herself and saying it worked for her (at this point I was willing to try anything!) After giving Lucy a call I decided to give Bowen a go and I have never looked back! Lucy was thorough on the consultation and after just a couple of sessions my dizziness and neck pain had gone!!! I now have regular sessions to help with fibromyalgia pains and while it doesn’t completely rid them they are they are a lot more manageable and my migraines are less frequent too. So thank you Lucy I would recommend you in a heartbeat!!!
I am writing to recommend the encouragement of a treatment and therapy “the Bowen Technique”
This technique is a light manipulation of muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue of certain points in the body. It is used for conditions such as ME, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, Emotional Stress, Muscle Tension, Frozen Shoulder, Sports Injuries and many more. I have been treated for several months now by a therapist Lucy Poole with very positive results.
Lucy has her practise in a very calm environment, she is welcoming, empathetic and professional in her work. She is very knowledgeable about the physiology of the human body and should be highly recommended. She has treated a wide range of patients with a good outcome. The advantage of the technique is to improve the wellbeing of an individual, to eliminate pain and reliance on medication with unwanted side effects.
Lynn Adams
I have been having Bowen Therapy from Lucy Poole for just over 3 months.  Before I had the Bowen’s I had tried many alternative & GP recommended treatments for the pain in my hip, lower back and shoulders – nothing had worked for this amount of time, even strong pain killers. I am incredibly amazed and eternally grateful to Lucy for the Bowen Treatment she has provided me.  I am almost completely pain free all of the time.  Occasionally I get a few “niggles” but nowhere near anything that I used to experience.  When this happens I just phone Lucy and she gives me another session which sorts me out. Initially Lucy and I had a consultation, where she identified my lifestyle, and the specific problems that I experienced.  Following this initial consultation I had my first Bowen treatment. A very calming, relaxing and peaceful hour.  To say that I felt “high” following this treatment would be an understatement.  My mind was free of all worry and I felt no pain at all.  Subsequent treatments have all produced the same amazing effect.
I would highly recommend Lucy & her Bowen Technique.
Anita Pickerdon
Lucy introduced me to the Bowen Technique, and I must say the results were excellent. I felt very relaxed after the treatment, and that feeling lasted for several days as she had said it would. I shall certainly return for her to deal with winter aches and pains.
Tim Freeman 
Having discovered Lucy at my local driving range I decided on recommendation to make an initial contact. I was greeted by a warming voice with a plethora of information for me to absorb. I was so taken by what Lucy had said I made an appointment for two weeks after our initial  conversation. I arrived with a nervous anticipation but Lucy’s personality and demeanor made me feel very relaxed almost instantaneously. I think the venue of her house in beautiful surroundings helps tremendously as that alone is enough to make everyone feel relaxed. A very non intrusive pain free session was to follow and at all times Lucy made me aware as to what was to happen during the session. I had approached Lucy as I play golf as I had struggled for a while with an inability to make a full and unrestricted swing. After 3 or 4 treatments I felt my movement become less painful and far easier to achieve. As a consequence my performance has improved and I have become.
Claire Hart
“I had never heard of Bowens until I met Lucy at a networking event. Lucy explained and even demonstrated how it worked and described the types of health problems it can help with. As a long time sufferer with migraines and headaches I decided to give it a try, having tried all the conventional methods over the years. At my first appointment Lucy went through a history in detail before commencing with the treatment. Lucy was really lovely, putting me at ease and I felt very relaxed. I have to be honest I have been totally amazed by the results – I have not had a single headache since my first treatment. I had the start of a slight migraine which went away fairly quickly after some rest. I have now had my second treatment and would definitely recommend Lucy and Bowens to everyone! Thank you Lucy :)”
Dawn Adlam
“I have had the pleasure of Bowen treatments from Lucy, she is certainly an expert in her field. Whatever your ailments, aches and pains or just looking to relax for an hour then have a treatment from Lucy, it works wonders!”
Judith Fine
“I had had a trapped nerve in my neck for some time either due to tension or stress. Lucy came to my home and explained how Bowen treatments could work. She went through each stage of the process, took all the background information about me and then I had my first treatment. It was amazing. I felt a difference even after the first treatment. Lucy is a pleasure to have around. It is clear she is deeply knowledgeable about Bowen and also about the body itself. Not only do you receive a treatment but you receive knowledge and advice about health issues and what you can do outside of the treatments to feel better. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone needing a treatment; in fact she has seen both my parents since.”
Mike Allsopp
“I have suffered with a bad back for several years and have regularly visited a chiropractor; I wanted to try something different to see if any improvement could be made in relieving the pain I was in, after meeting Lucy and listening to how the Bowen Therapy works I decided to try for myself. Lucy made me feel relaxed and after a couple of treatments the difference in my movement is great, I will continue to have treatment from Lucy and will recommend Lucy and the Bowen Therapy to friends and family.”
Matthew Holden-Jones DipFA
“On hearing about The Bowens Technique through Lucy, I have to say I was slightly dubious as to whether it would work. Running a financial consultancy firm, I do a lot of sitting at a desk and suffer with bad back and shoulders from time to time. I decided to use Lucy’s services and found the results to be no short of amazing! The treatment lasted for around one hour, I have been back a few times now and will not only continue going myself, but will be sending my employees at H-J Wealth Planning to get treatment as well! Lucy is knowledgeable about the technique, makes you feel at ease and it works, so she comes with the highest of plaudits and I would recommend her services to anyone!”
Julian Marment
“Very relaxing & professional service, if you want to think outside the box and try something different, this is well worth a try. Lucy is a real pleasure to spend time with.
I highly recommend this service.”
Tim Mayneord
“Lucy has treated members of my family and achieved great results through her expert use of Bowens Therapy, curing “seemingly” life long an ongoing aches and pains in no more than 3 treatments. We have all found Lucy’s’ attitude refreshing and had been astonished by her results. We would have no hesitation in recommending Lucy.”
Adrian and the team from Yo-Fit and Yo-Yoga Yoga & Spin
“As a full time Yoga and Spin Instructor, my job places the body under extreme pressures, this causes tightness and soreness to the whole of the body, Lucy’s Therapy hands via her treatments are a regular part of our pain prevention work for myself and class participants, 45 to 60 minutes of pure relaxation.
Lucy’s not just our Therapist, Lucy’s now a good friend too
Lucy is also our Therapist at Yo-Fit and YoYoga.Tv
Many Thanks to you Lucy,
Pauline Wall
I am a 68 year old woman, suffering from osteo-arthritis in both knees, for the previous few months I had difficulty standing for more than 10 minutes as my one leg would seize up and I could not bend it. I thought it may have been ligaments or some such thing; it was making every-day activities painful and difficult. After the 1st Bowen therapy treatment the problem with my one leg has totally ceased, brilliant!
Kufa Matiya
I met Lucy following a talk and presentation she did on Bowens. A number of things she said about the treatment interested me as I play squash once a week and jog 3 times a week, in addition to spending time in my car and meetings sat down due to the nature of my job. So as you can imagine a number of strains/pains and aches are a natural occurrence for me! Following a consultation with Lucy, which was informative and detailed, I agreed to  undergo a recommended series of treatments. All I can say having completed the treatments recommended not only do I not experience the strains/pains, I have also felt energised after each treatment and my general wellbeing has improved. I now have Bowens on a regular basis and would highly recommend this treatment and Lucy if not for the strain/pains/aches, just for your general wellbeing. Its worth it so don’t be shy and give it a try you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.
Marion Kettle
I have been having Bowen Therapy for over 5 years now and as far as I am concerned it is the most amazing treatment. I have suffered from lower back problems for many years but after having Bowen it gives me so much relief and it is now under control. I have a treatment about every 8 weeks which keeps the pain under control and I can get on with my life. I also have ME and it returns my energy levels to normal levels and as I help look after my two young grandchildren having lots of energy it vital. Bowen has certainly turned my life and around and I thoroughly recommend it. I have recently started having treatment with Lucy Poole. Previously I had to travel over 30 miles for treatment. Lucy comes to my house. Lucy is a lovely person and very professional, and I would recommend her to anyone I know.
Steve Clifford-Roe
“Thanks Lucy for all the work that you have done on my tired body I would thoroughly recommend you to everybody.”
Eileen and Bernard Murphy
“My company have engaged Lucy’s services and although we have only just had our first session, we have found Lucy to be of great help.
Lucy has helped us to understand what the Bowen treatment can do for us. Lucy has also given us other helpful information to help our general overall health.
We would recommend Lucy to you if you are not sure whether to try the Bowen treatment out or not.
Many thanks Lucy
Victoria Field, Independent, Victoria Field Coaching 
“Lucy is an empathetic and intuitive practitioner who demonstrates the professionalism required of a therapist, her skills are second to none and her therapy is effective in rebalancing mind, body and spirit”
Shaun Megee
Having suffered neck, back and knee pain, I consulted Lucy on some treatment. I found after 2 sessions the above pain has been relived.
Sally Roche
I can only say that the Bowen Treatment has enhanced my wellbeing and made me feel wonderful. It is a treatment that everyone should try as once given it will enhance your wellbeing. It is non medical and makes you feel alive again. Give it a try.
Lisa – Elderly Care Assistant 
Following a fall Lucy gave me two treatments for a badly bruised coccyx. The difference following the first treatment was significant and the pain levels greatly reduced. After the second I was almost back to normal again I was truly really amazed. I would not hesitate to recommend the Bowen Technique and particularly Lucy who is a most talented professional practitioner
Julia Hargraves – Theatre Sister
I recently consulted Ms Lucy Poole about an intermittent pain in my lumbar region. Having booked a cause of Bowen Treatment I was delighted when it took just two treatments to alleviate my discomfort.
Gordon & Lynne Burkert 
Lynne and I have suffered with very bad neck and back pain for a number of years. Lynne since suffered a fall from a horse and I had an operation to fix a slipped disc. The pain has been so bad at times we have been unable to walk or sleep properly for days and sometimes weeks at a time. We have tried various way of relieving the pain over the years but have found nothing that has been so impressive as Lucy and her Bowen technique. At first of course we were very sceptical as there appeared to be no obvious huge manipulations or stretches of our bodies required. The results however were without precedent and we found that after a couple of days joints had eased and we both even reported a new sense of well being. We have used Lucy on several occasions since and each time felt a significant benefit. I would heartily recommend Lucy to anybody experiencing any kind of pain. We found her results absolutely outstanding.
Lucy treated a severe bout of sciatica after I had I overstretched hedge cutting. The pain was at levels of 8/10. I couldn’t walk the 400 yards to the end of my road without stopping. I have known Lucy for a number of years and I was delighted that under her careful and gentle Bowen Treatment my pain is now virtually gone. She is also one of the nicest, kindest smiliest (!) people I know. Delighted to recommend.
Jean Maund
Bowen is a very gentle therapy which has helped me greatly with lower back and shoulder pain. Lucy is complete professional but also kind and the loveliest person you could wish to meet. A treatment with Lucy always restores my spirits and I would recommend her to anyone.
Stephen Higgins
I’ve being going to Lucy for about 3 years now and not only is her Bowen treatment excellent for aching limbs and muscles, it is also an incredible way to relax after a stressful day. I always sleep soundly after a Bowen session and would whole heartedly recommend anyone considering going to see her.
Sue Yeng
I’ve been going to Lucy Pool for Bowen Technique treatment over this past year and have felt a considerable improvement with my mobility & with the relief of pain from old injuries – plus my asthma seems to be much better …. The experience after my last appointment proved to me how affective the Bowen Technique can be – l had arrived feeling really low with a chest infection & zero energy – the results were amazing… l couldn’t believe how much better l felt after a couple of hours – my energy level had gone up 100% and my chest had cleared …. Thank you Lucy